How To Manage Performance, Motivate And Retain Staff in China
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  • Frank Gallo is former China CEO of Watson Wyatt with 14 years experience leading and advising in China, as well as author of the best-selling book 'Business Leadership in China'
  • Part II in a series of online courses about managing teams in China
  • 16 HD/SD videos, 1h 4m in total
  • Unlimited access anytime, anywhere, on any device
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Course Overview

  • Gain hands-on advice on managing teams in China
  • Dive deep into tips for retaining & motivating employees, cross-team collaboration and more
  • Learn from real examples and situations

'''This course will be very practical with real examples and going deeply into how you deal with different human resource issues as a leader in China.''

-- Frank Gallo, Founder & CEO, Calypso Consulting

In this course Frank Gallo offers concrete tips for international managers working with Chinese employees and leading teams in China. It complements the first course, which explains why Chinese and Westerners think and act differently at work.

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The content was drawn from research and interviews Frank Gallo did for his acclaimed book, Business Leadership in China. Like this course, the book is among the few and precious resources for international managers who want to better understand how to blend the best practices of Western management with traditional Chinese wisdom.


We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on this course - no questions asked.

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1 Making It Work
Video course icon Truth vs. Courtesy
Video course icon Empowerment vs. Hierarchy
Video course icon Decision-Making
Video course icon Rule of Man vs. Law
Video course icon Innovation and Risk-Taking
2 Operational Tips
Video course icon Retaining Employees in China (Compensation, Quality of Management & Supervision)
Video course icon Retaining Employees in China (Opportunities for Advancement, Engaging Workplace)
Video course icon Retaining Employees in China (Work-Life Balance)
Video course icon Getting Teams to Work Well Cross-Functionally
Video course icon Managing Performance
Video course icon Truthful Communications While Maintaining Face
Video course icon Influencing Chinese Employees' Motivation
3 Frequently Asked Questions & Wrap Up
Video course icon Question #1 - How do I help employees go from fire-fighting to long-term problem solving?
Video course icon Question #2 - How do I keep employees engaged over the long-term?
Video course icon Question #3 - How do I help employees to be more strategic?
Video course icon Course Summary

1 Review

Gilbert Van Kerckhove
Few people have as much insight and experience as Frank and even with my 30 years plus of China, reading his book and exchanging views with him forced me to look at business in China from another angle.
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